Anna Ferguson is a KINETIC SHIFT practitioner who’s come in from a different background to most, and brings with her invaluable qualifications and experience.


As a personal trainer in several disciplines, nutritionist and holistic therapist, she has spent many years helping people with their health issues. The longer she has been in service to her clients, the more apparent it became to her that it all starts in the mind. 


She works with all areas of psychology with BWRT and KINETIC SHIFT but specialises due to her background, in weight management, health after illness, unwanted behaviours, confidence and body image. Anna's expertise is working with emotional/binge eaters looking for FOOD FREEDOM


KINETIC SHIFT has become one of her go to tools of choice in moving clients forward towards their goals.


Anna has worked with a variety of interesting people, including professional athletes, dancers and even a couple of celebrities, and appears regularly on BBC Radio Leeds as their professional of choice.

Anna aims to make life easier for her clients with her personable nature and unique set of skills, so that the road to success is unhindered and inevitable. 

Anna doesn't believe in just the health within the body, but the health within the mind, and believes dealing with both will ultimately lead to freedom for the client in every spectrum of health.

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